OpenWick Technology

We are the first candle company to craft a candle by starting from the inside out – the wick. We noticed the issues with traditional candles – lingering smoke, black soot and unattractive, high-maintenance wicks (it’s time to ditch the wick trimmers!). To fix these issues, we created OpenWick™ Technology featured in the core of every candle. Watch your OpenWick™ unfold at first light as the perfect harmony of scent quickly fills the air.


Welcome to a cleaner, better smelling and better burning candle.


Reviews from the Cue Crew


Cue candles make my home feel so warm and cozy. Their scents are fragrant yet subtle, as to not overpower the room. Pumpkin gingerbread is my favorite and immediately takes me into my kitchen surrounded by family on thanksgiving day. These candles melt nicely and still look good sitting on my counter after being lit several times! And the way the wick unfolds and holds the flame is pretty cool too.!

Chelsea M.


Cue candles serve up beautiful scents, a peaceful aesthetic, and a touch of wonder as the OpenWick unfolds in front of your eyes. Cue adds even more joy to the candle burning experience. Love love love gifting these for all occasions.

Casey V.