Seriously enjoying my candles from Cue. I’ve never known a candle to burn so clean and literally all the way down to the bottom.

- Alisa @style_meetshome

This one is for my fresh, natural, clean scented candle lovers!! Such a relaxing smell.

- Brittan @brittan_allie_home

Cue candles are absolutely amazing and the fragrance divine! Not only are the scents incredible but the candle jar itself is white and elegant! If all of that weren't enough, there's more!!!
The Openwick technology benefits are:
- minimal soot
- no tunneling
- no wick trimming
They are truly amazing!!!
I love, love, love them!

- Susan @livingwithheart

Cue candles are my absolute favorite candles! I am so happy to have found a company that has candles that are actually safe for your home. The scents are so good and are not artificial smelling at all. I truly look forward to each launch they put out. Hands down the best candles ever!

- Emma @valley_view_visions

The unique U shape is fun to watch and now understanding the technology, makes it hard to use a different style wick! The scents are so warm and cozy, and not overbearing. Highly recommend!

- Leah M.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Cue Candles. From the excitement of the unboxing, to the unfolding of the wick, and the beautiful scents filling my home. Cue candles burn clean and smell too good not to enjoy everyday. I look forward to trying more scents from Cue! 

- Ann R.

My Cue candle is exceptional as compared to other products. The fragrance is delightful yet not overwhelming. The added feature that is one of my favorites- NO soot!

- Judi G.

My first Cue candle will definitely not be the last! I can’t wait to try each scent that goes with each season. The fragrance is strong and lasting throughout the entire candle. The wick is beautiful and peaceful.

- Heather H.

Loved my Cue candles! So excited to try all the fragrances. Highly recommend!

- Megan M.

We love these candles! The double wick burns really nicely, leaving a clean and modern look. Love the fragrance and design of the whole thing. Great gifts. Highly recommend.

- Jeff Y.